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Exploring the artistic value of digital medium.

Art Soiree has been wonderful about connecting me with talented artists and supporting my video projections. Here are some stills from an installation dedicated to power of love, which was mapped to the smokestack inside Georgetown's historic powerhouse during 2012 Valentine's Day celebration.

Another Art Soiree collaboration took me to Miami Beach for an annual Art Basel fair. The "Art Metamorphosis" series of installation brought three missing seasons to Miami in form of multi-dimensional, living art. I collaborated with talented painters, mixed-media artists, singers, and musicians to bring traditionally still art to life. 

In June 2013 I created a pair of video projection installations for World Widlife Fund and South By Southwest during the SXSW Eco DC networking event, which brought together local experts working on global sustainability issues.


One installation spanned three projection screens and provided a motivational narrative to encourage the attendees to champion sustainability issues while the video rowhighlighted the delicate balance technological progress and natural resource conservation. 


Another, co-created by Caleb Walker, brought an element of interactivity to the event by allowing event participants to share their thoughts and ideas directly on the wall by using certain Twitter hashtags. The mass of the Twitter text then was used to create the iconic WWF Panda logo.

Art Soiree's Nuit Blanche DC 2012 art show at the Wonderbread Factory brought 11,000 people to a night of art and entertainment spanning a number of disciplines. The huge outdoor patio was to be turned into a silent disco floor, with dozens of people dancing to music transmitted by DJs through wireless headphones. The stone wall of a brand-new ajacent building allowed me the biggest canvas I have worked on to date, spanning 7 stories high. However, it also introduced new challanges, as the 8,000 lumen projector available to me was struggling to overcome the light spill from nearby streetlights at this large of an area. So I scrapped my original full-color design in favor of high-contrast black-and-white design inspired by optical illusions, suspension bridge architecture, and parametric equations. Being able to take up the entire periferal view of the partygoes fue to the sheer size of it, the projection kept the partygoer's tripping and the dance floor under their feet moving even when they stood still.


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