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Slavery is an issue that many people consider a thing of the past, a shameful and heinous chapter in human history condemned by the modern world, something existing only in history books. Human rights advocates from around  the world orgazined Stop Modern Slavery walk in Washington DC to let people to know that slavery exists and even strives today, not only in the developing world, but even in developed countries including the US, in ways eerily similar to the institutionalized slavery of the past. This set of flyers highlights multiple manifestations of modern slavery and draws parallels between past and present,  juxtaposing the depiction of the slavery as seen in the historical archives with nearly identical images from today's world.


Stop Modern Slavery Walk

Call to Action flyers

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Indirect Redirection

Book Cover Design

When adventure rider Mike Krabal was looking for a book cover that would capture the spirit of his year-long journey across the United States on a motorcycle, he could not think of more fitting photograph than this snapshot of his triumphant return to his home in WV panhandle. Although this scene could have been re-shot with proper lighting, or even composited in post, Mike preferred to use the original image. I first cleaned up the photograph by removing some unnecessary and distracting elements, then made the tonal adjustments to make the colors pop, allowing the book to attract maximum attention straight from the bookshelf. Bold typography choice for the title commands attention, while the subtitle reflects the adventurous spirit of this journey and compliments Mike's humorous and lighthearted writing style.

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